Friday, July 27, 2012

I deleted my myspace account today

Didn't bother to save the photos
didn't bother to read the comments
didn't bother to check my friends
but I did remember an old habit of mine
and suddenly I was sixteen again
and then
I stopped hesitating

Somehow I get the feeling that in my future, I might regret this. I can't look back at my past now. But come to think of it, why would I want to? There was nothing too special about highschool, nothing too special about friends. If my future ever works out, I might never even have the time to break from my mundane daily activities.

Besides, I'll always have my blog.


  1. i have these exact thoughts when i deleted mine. good job, buddy. :)

  2. was about to comment on this but then i read my bro's comment and i feel like blegh k bye. hahahah