Hello there! We aren't sure how you've stumbled upon this nonsense of a blog, but regardless we're happy that you did. You're welcome to look around! It's full of rubbish, really. A forewarning: As you venture deeper into this blog you may find that you disagree with the writer's views so please note that she does not give rat's ass about your opinion. Nor does she care for your approval. Hm, this introduction isn't making a very good impression of her right now, is it? Here's a better one:

Shibear is a twenty-four year old medical student currently based in Bandung, Indonesia. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, this odd-looking girl loves reading, nap time, and the occasional movie marathon. She enjoys rain on quiet afternoons, but absolutely detests stepping in cold puddles and wet shoes. A quiet girl, often keeps to herself, and finds much pleasure in the simple things. Some say she's stubborn and somewhat argumentative, but quite honestly she considers it all to be good-natured banter as she likes challenging minds. She only does so with people she respects, not to mention those who possess a quick wit. All in all, she's a pleasant girl (when she isn't on her period, like you really don't wanna cross paths with her cause yikes!).

Ok dah tak tahu nak type apa dah. We hope you like it here. Leave a comment!