Friday, July 13, 2012

Hi, I'm happy. And you are?

Quick cover while waiting for Labu to get home from uni.

Usually around this time I'm either having my daily happenings report with Labu or watching him sleep after our daily reports. But tonight he's out having discussions with his friends and giving them a hand with their work since he's now officially the smarty-pants in class. As much as I love having him all to myself and around to talk to (but really just be mushy-mushy to), nothing else makes me happier knowing that he's happy, excited about his work, friends and everything else that falls in between.

A year ago, at night I'd be trying my best to cheer you up and listen to your fears and regrets. Now look at where we are. We made it, Labu. You made it. You made it out of that wormhole you shut yourself into.

I'm really happy now. I mean, who knew? Who knew that pure genuine happiness comes from knowing someone else's happiness? I guess if we really want to be happy, all we really have to do is give all we've got and put our energy and effort into making something good, not for ourselves but for others.

I remember back in my old vox blog I'd document my failed attempts at finding companionship and happiness.

I totally get it now. I was going at it the wrong way. It can't be forced, but I now know that it can be made and found. You just have to look for it at the right places... and then be patient :-)

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