Friday, January 6, 2012

The Weekenders II

I'm not a professional, nor do I use any professional gear. So it flatters me when my sister asks me to take photos of her beautiful family. This is Adina, we call her Agoat. Unlike my little pisang (Suci), she got her name from her big sister who was three at the time and liked to make her mummy and daddy angry by purposely jumbling up Adina's full name by saying "Adina Munia Goat" which simplified to "Agoat".

Lol, this is probably the most pointless thing I have ever written here (or maybe not), but there it is! The origin of Adina's nickname! ^_^



  1. doesn't she? ^_^ I didn't even ask her to pose, she just sat down and looked at the camera like that all on her own!