Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bintang Di Langit

Tadaa!!! Here it is :-) Not sure I like the audio, but it's alright. Always room for improvement!

I'm not sure how I feel about Yuna's showcase, though. It wasn't like her first showcase, where it was more intimate and every song had that vulnerability you couldn't seem to shake off. This one seemed quite rushed. I'm also a little disappointed with the arrangement of Terukir Di Bintang because I expected it to be more like romance in the early 50s Malaysian scene rather than something Edith Piaf-ish (which was still beautiful, but not as delicate as how I first heard it). I'm not an expert, but this time the showcase was less of an impact than it had given once before.

Last year, I was almost in tears as I listened to Yuna perform Decorate, this year... it was kinda like she planned to leave the stage to make us call her back out again (to which the audience didn't probably cause they were too polite and just clapped when cued to). Hm.

But... she did write an amazing song for the album. Which I shall soon cover. Hehe. Watch out for it! ;-D


  1. (I somehow agree on the launch being too rushed)
    plus I'm kinda disappointed that the CD doesnt come with an inlay like the first one :(