Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day Forty

Mild ranting, please note

Have you guys ever hated someone so much that you type 'I hate (name of hated person)' into google's search bar?

You know what? I have. I have and it makes me angry because she's some sort of youtube phenomenon and people adore her. Geez, I get it! You're beautiful, you live in Japan, you're some sort of genius child prodigy, and his family loves you. You don't have to make me feel worse about myself by complaining about how horrible your seemingly perfect life is. So you have problems, who fucking doesn't?

Sigh... But really, I'm just mad that you have a real photo with my boyfriend and I don't. And you even have the nerve to post it up for the world to see. How do you think this makes me feel?

I've been rejected and replaced too, but I learned to suck it up and pick up the pieces to start again. So please, from girl to perfect-girl, let him go.

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