Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sitting on the train

Been on the train a lot lately... So far, I've seen lots of people and things. A chinese woman in a kebaya, an indian man with shiny shoes, a homeless person with horrible BO, a mute girl speaking to her sleepy mom in sign language, a teenage boy grasping plastic KFC takeaways, a foreigner with shaggy hair and human-sized luggages, countless iphones and samsungs, and so much more.

And what everyone has is common is that they're all looking away.

Each time I notice a single person, I am suddenly aware of how many individuals there are on the train. On this very Earth. Each with a place to go, a mission to accomplish, a family to come home to.

And I am not the only person sitting there with problems, regrets, and worries.

There is so much more.

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