Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nerves Nerves, Go Away

Embarrass me another day!

My nemesis: the stage-fright. Something I had always found to be a challenge. And as usual, before a big day I'd be asking my parents, "Do you think I can do it?" to which my dad answered "Don't do it... Don't do something that will make you look stupid". Because my dad, he knows my weakness. He knows I could never do something like this in the past.

Now I take every advice my dad give me... except this. To me, I believe that you should never hide and be ashamed of who you are. Whether you're kampung, whether you're lame, whether you're six-feet-tall, two hundred pounds, oddly brainy... whatever you are, who ever you are, show it to the world and be proud! (but at the same time, jangan la terlebih different sampai langgar hukum syarak semua)

Cause to me, after you look stupid a couple hundred times...

you learn what works.


  1. what was this for Shi??? I wanna see you live on stage tooooooo!

    1. some last minute thing for this IU Day my old highschool was having. hehe. just two songs tho.