Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nerves Nerves, Go Away

Embarrass me another day!

My nemesis: the stage-fright. Something I had always found to be a challenge. And as usual, before a big day I'd be asking my parents, "Do you think I can do it?" to which my dad answered "Don't do it... Don't do something that will make you look stupid". Because my dad, he knows my weakness. He knows I could never do something like this in the past.

Now I take every advice my dad give me... except this. To me, I believe that you should never hide and be ashamed of who you are. Whether you're kampung, whether you're lame, whether you're six-feet-tall, two hundred pounds, oddly brainy... whatever you are, who ever you are, show it to the world and be proud!

Cause to me, after you look stupid a couple hundred times...

you learn what works.


  1. what was this for Shi??? I wanna see you live on stage tooooooo!

    1. some last minute thing for this IU Day my old highschool was having. hehe. just two songs tho.