Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simple Remedies: For Glum & Stress


The penguins for Glum and maggi for Stress. Two minutes into this documentary, it'll have you huddled up in your pillows and blankets, slowly slurping on your hot meal. It's pretty much like love story meets survival story; beautifully told and captured (in Morgan Freeman's voice, mind you). And how these adorable things survive harsh winters and starvations just for the sake of their little furry ones is so touching. The sceneries are so breathtaking that for a moment, you'll forget who you are and where you are and suddenly feel... content. If you're feeling low and you're tired from your work and books (like I am), I highly recommend this. The maggi too. Hehe.


My maggi recipe:
Open a packet and fill up a container with hot water till just up to the upper surface of the maggi. Leave it for about 15 minutes or so. I like to leave it longer so it gets all soggy as it absorbs water and what not, plus when I open it, it's not too hot so I get to dive in straight away. If you want, you can add in a soft boiled egg. You can make this by filling up a mug with hot water and letting the egg sit there till it gets to room temperature. I'm not actually sure what the fastest way is, but I don't mind waiting. If you think it needs a little more time, you could always refill the mug with hot water again, hehe. Good luck with the maggi and egg!

See? Simple as pimple.

Easy steps you can take if you're feeling gloomy and stressed and your having your finals soon. Don't worry. Home is just a few papers away! ^_^


  1. maggi kembang xsyok la shi. btw i've seen the movie. hihi

    1. I put this movie next to shawshank! :'-)
      or maybe anything morgan freeman narrates haha