Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You're Not At Peace With Yourself

Papa; who reads me like a book.

I'm afraid to fail. I'm also afraid to try. These days I feel challenged, instant defeat. I doubt myself more and more too, and then I hide all the anxiety beneath laughter as if to say "I don't care". What? I'm human too. You think I write all these happy posts for you and other people?

Truth is, they're for me. My way of stuffing optimism into my head, try to tell myself "Maybe I can win?". And just maybe I can get it right this time and end this war raging inside myself.

Man, I really don't like being me right now. So you guys... you guys just take care of yourselves, kay? Pick up the pieces and keep looking forward because it's pointless to look back and feel sorry for yourself. Every step, even a little one, is closer to something better than a the step you took before.

Now go get busy. You haven't fucked up 2012 yet.

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