Monday, October 10, 2011

Think Of The Now Now, And The Later Later

3 weeks down, 10 months to go

I don't know why you chose me out of all the other girls, but I'll try my best to believe that I deserve someone as wonderful as you. There are times where I feel inadequate and not good enough, and then I'll start to be all difficult and get jealous and go apeshit on facebook and stuff. But I know you'll still look at me lovingly on skype and tell me you love me every night when we're snuggled up in our blankets slowly drifting towards a dream.

I love you, Zaid.


  1. so it happened? and you told me there isn't anything to expect. pish posh shira!

  2. How was I supposed to know! When I told you, I'd only just met the guy. It's about time I met someone, actually... so yeah.