Monday, August 1, 2016

Nice girls

Relationships have always been easy for me. It's making friends that's hard.

Boys are easy. I understand them. I usually know what they want, and when I don't I just don't bother with them. I always keep my relationships simple. Lots of open communication, compromises and willingness to make it work, trust, and of course tonnes of laughter.

But girls? Girls are cryptic. They're nice to your face, but they stab you repeatedly behind the back. Why do they do this? Because the girls always have this illusion that they're 'nice girls'. This doesn't exclude me. But I've never claimed to be a nice girl...

Or maybe girls are difficult because when you mess up, it isn't as easy as kisses and paying for a nice dinner.

Or maybe boys are easy because I always go for boys who love food and kisses... Hm.

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