Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Keputusan Rayuan Semak Semula MUET

"Sehubungan dengan ini, dimaklumkan bahawa setelah disemak, Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia mendapati pemarkahan adalah tepat dan keputusan dikekalkan."

And there it is. I guess I do speak English equivalent to the rest who received Band 3s. Sigh, but then deep down... I kinda feel as if my MUET hadn't really reflected my true English speaking/writing skills.

All those books, all those blogs, all those years being teased at school for not speaking Malay... Oh well. It happened. Good thing I decided to retake the test.

Hm :-/


  1. Shi, that can't be right. Your English is far more superior than me. I got band 4 kot tsk. Good luck for the second MUET!

    1. hm, dah terjadi nak buat macam mana. I did what I could, so no point feeling upset. I'm just going to have to try again and hope that everything goes well. I'm just a little annoyed cause I worry if nanti bila nak isi UPU I can't apply to the courses I want. Most of the science courses need band 4. TESL pun tak layak har har har.